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Letter: Laine

We did a small shoot with beautiful Laine. Proud to share it with you!

I believe that humor can heal anything. I’ve always struggled with low self-esteem, but I always end up realizing the absurdity of having this low self-esteem. It often turns into the some of my best jokes and makes any other insecurity I have less serious.

The more comfortable I feel about my body, the easier it becomes to laugh at my illusory imperfections. And it makes me extremely happy to see other people laughing at their own, subconsciously making themselves feel better and healing themselves.

Deep down we all share surprisingly similar struggles with our self-esteem, and we ought to simply laugh about it, but you’ll never find out unless you share openly. Sharing and hearing other people’s stories has helped me love the good and the bad, the sun and the rain so that even the worst days become beautiful.