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Letter: Ottilie

We met up with Ottilie, whoopens up abouther journey towards self-acceptance.

I’ve spent too many years not embracing myself and the way I look. Looking for every imperfection with a magnifying glass and believing that everyone saw every flaw and would judge me for not being perfect. Being afraid of being too loud and too outspoken and trying to please everyone. But you can’t go through life thinking like that. It cuts into the time you could be spending fighting the patriarchy.

The journey of self-love in a society where businesses make money off of people hating how they look is tough and everlasting. Learning to love yourself is an ongoing process that I think never really ends. But it gets better. Realizing how amazing human bodies are and what they are capable of really helps.

My body is soft but also strong. It has lumps and bumps and scars. But it’s my body and I love it. We all need to be nicer to ourselves and to our bodies. Loving your body and the skin you’re in is a big “fuck you” to capitalism. The act of self-love is radical.