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Size Guide

Do you remember Kachi?

Kachi was the very first bra produced by Moons and Junes. It's a soft bra made from silky soft mesh, which has mcrofibre covering sensitive areas. The adjustable and separable straps allow you to distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders. 

For everyday use Kachi's deep neck-line can cause double-boob and nip-slips on fuller chests, and thus we recommend Kachi for flatter chests

89% polyamide, 11% elastane. Made in Turkey.

Why is this product in the outlet?

  • The straps are too short
  • Product might be curly 
  • The underbust bands are either too short or too long (see below)
  • This product cannot be returned

    What does the option 'Shorter' and 'Longer' mean?

    These products have underbust bands that are either a little too long or too short. The underbust band is the bottom elastic of the bra that sits below your breasts on your ribcage. 'Shorter' means the underbust band might be up to 2 cm shorter  and 'Longer' means it might be up to 2 cm longer than our regular length. The faulty underbust bands will approximately fit:

    Small: 65cm - 72cm
    Medium: 72cm - 80cm
    Large: 80cm - 88cm
    Small: 65cm - 77cm 
    Medium: 77cm - 87cm 
    Large: 87cm - 97cm 


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