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Letter from Andrea

April 10, 2019 1 min read

Letter from Andrea

Maurice Merleau-Ponty was one of the first to acknowledge the body and the bodily being-in-the-world as a way to experience and perceive the world. He posed the view, that the body in every instance and in every situation always already has sensed and created meaning out of the experience. In this sense, the body can be understood as an artwork whose diversity of meaning invites to multiple readings and interpretations

My experience is, that this view of the body in many areas of my life is neglected and put aside as a consequence of the dominant focus on rationality that permeates society. This often results in me feeling that my brain and my body are two separate entities having nothing to do with each other.

The photoshoot with Agnete for the Moons and Junes campaign was, therefore, a challenge to myself – a way to put the focus on experiencing through the body instead of through my brain. I will not say that I succeeded a 100%, but the experience made it possible to start seeing my body as artwork and makes me want to listen to some of the countless stories that I’m sure it has to tell.

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