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From Norway With Love

April 10, 2019 3 min read

From Norway With Love

Back in January, we were approached by two photographers; Rebecca and Lindsey. They offered to do a photoshoot for Moons and Junes and we were thrilled. We checked out their profile and instantly knew that they would create something absolutely magical. 

Rebecca and Lindsey are 34-year-old identical twins, who run a photography business together. They spend most of their time exploring various corners of the world – as they describe it themselves; their suitcases are never unpacked and their passports are full of stamps. The sisters spend most of their time between North America and Norway. Rebecca currently lives in Squamish, Canada, with her two children. Lindsey, on the other hand, lives across the globe on a farm in Norway with her boyfriend and daughter. 

These women are dreamers and doers, they make magic and tell stories through their images. In the interview below you can read about their experience working together.


What inspired you to start taking photographs? 

Rebecca: We’ve (the family) have been traveling the world together since day one. All my travels with my children have inspired me and helped my photography blossom from a seed to a flower. As my children grow so does my passion and career in photography.

Lindsey: I am very passionate about what I do, I can’t go a day without shooting and I see all of my surroundings as a potential photograph. I started shooting about 7 years ago after editing for Rebecca for 2 years first. This is where I learned to shoot, I studied her lighting, compositions, angles, and documentary way of catching an emotion or a moment. Her business grew so fast she needed a duplicate of herself - a benefit of being an identical twin, haha, it was effortless for me to shoot with her. 

What is it like working with your twin sister? 

Rebecca: We love to work together, we have always been best friends. We both have different work ethics and perspectives so it's a really good balance for our business. Lindsey is really organized and business-driven were I’m a little more on the free-spirited artistic side. She keeps me grounded and on track. I couldn't do it without her! 

Lindsey: Rebecca and I have always been best friends so working together has never been difficult. We have different work ethics, I am more organized and business oriented. Rebecca is more creative and passionate.


How did you discover Moons and Junes and why did you reach out to us? 

Our model for the shoot, Karoline, actually showed us Moons and Junes. We instantly connected with the brand’s empowering visuals and use of real women. We have always been very passionate about collaborating with brands that parallel our style of photography as well lifestyle. I dreamed of the shoot before we received the beautiful underwear. The colors and designs were perfect for the landscapes where we live!

What was the inspiration behind your photoshoot in Norway? Can you describe the creative process?

Our vision for the shoot was effortlessly put together. We wanted to incorporate strong, natural, settings with the use of nature. We shot everything on one sunny afternoon. We took a little road trip down to the water stopping many times along the way. We waited for the sun to start setting for some of the last images of the day. We were literally screaming with excitement about the light! It’s one of our favorite aspects of photography - finding the best possible natural light. It was amazing.

How do you experience the dynamic between the model, the product, and the photographer? 

Actually, the model is one of my best friends so that makes everything a lot easier. We played music, laughed, shot, and created the concepts together. Karoline is a huge fan of Moons and Junes so it was so natural for her to model in the underwear. Everything she put on became her new favorite item!

What Moons and Junes style is your favorite and why? 

Ah, this is tough, I really love it all… But I would have to say the Kachi and Rosa in Clay are my favorites… I hate underwire so I’m so happy to find a bra without them that is both comfortable and supportive.



Rebecca & Lindsey//


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