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Faith's Naked Story

August 16, 2020 2 min read

Faith's Naked Story

Self-love has been a learning process for Faith — something many women know about all too well. We sat down for a one-to-one with the Copenhagen-based model on all things body image, sexuality and self-discovery.


How are you feeling about your body these days?

Over the years I’ve started feeling a lot more relaxed about my body. I’ve realised that society’s beauty standards really try to manipulate us into thinking one form of beauty is better than another, and so on. None of that for me, thanks. We all look different and it’s beautiful. If we embrace our differences and imperfections, we’re one step closer to a happier and healthier relationship with ourselves.


So, if you had to look at yourself naked right now, you would feel…?

I’d feel pure, free and completely in my element.


As you should. How does sex impact this confidence you feel about your body?

Well, sex helps me learn more about my body. Especially masturbation.


Sex with others vs. sex with yourself — what are the differences?

Intimacy! With a partner you feel true intimacy and a deep connection between one another which you don’t get when you are alone. But, as I said, there are joys to solo sex, too. Sometimes you learn more about your body when you are alone than with others. Either way, both should feel great — mind-blowing and consensual.


What do you want to share about your sexuality?

I’m confident in my sexuality but it’s definitely not one that can be put into a box. I’m super curious by nature and not afraid to explore new areas in life I haven’t crossed yet. Approaching my sexuality in this way also helps me discover sides of myself I never knew existed. It really is one big journey of self-discovery.

 It’s hard not to stan, right? Find Faith on Instagram @hendedenbrune.

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