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Interview with Clémentine Desseaux

December 19, 2019 3 min read

Interview with Clémentine Desseaux

Clémentine Desseaux

We've had the absolute pleasure of speaking with 31 year old Clementine Desseaux about self-love, entrepreneurship and lingerie. You may know her under her Instagram @bonjourclem where she daily spreads her passionate voice on topics of representation, body positivity and feminism, to broaden fashion's view of beauty by continuously questioning preconceived notions.

The French model, entrepreneur and TEDx speaker is also the founder of the All Womxn Project. A non-profit organization that believes nor size, age, ability, gender identification or color shouldn't limit womxn, and that all body shapes, genders, abilities, ages and shades deserve to be represented in the media. Through these values they work to ensure representation of all girls and womxn. 

For now obvious reasons we've been faning over Clém for years and were excited to finally get to know her a bit better.



What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love means choosing to accept you, all of you, everyday regardless of how you look or what others say of you. 


What has your journey to self-love been like?

It is still going on and it’s a bumpy ride. I went from hating my body to accepting and loving it but that took 20 years. As I grow older, my insecurities shift from my body to my brain and I catch myself hating on my thoughts, my character or my abilities, It’s really challenging and those insecurities are less talked about but just as painful. 


What inspired you to start All Womxn Project? 

The need to acknowledge and celebrate the beautiful diversity of Womxn that were usually ignored in fashion, beauty and society in general.  


Where do you dream of taking All Womxn Project in the future? 

I want All Womxn Project to be a stronger and stronger driver for change, touching more and more girls each year. I would love to build it into a fully inclusive and positive brand with love for all womxn in the center of it all. 


Leading an organization is a big responsibility, can you share some of your primary learnings? And how do your de-stress?

Leading anything is challenging, and to be honest, most days I wonder why the hell I put myself through the struggle. I sometimes wish that I’d spend my time and money on something lighter and more relaxing, but that's just not me. Making a change and working hard to make the world a better place is just part of my core goals and values, I can’t be doing anything else. Seeing changes in womxn’s lives happen because of what we do is what drives me. Every message, every testimony, every step a womxn takes thanks to us, makes it all worthwhile! And, I relax quite often, somehow I still find some time to do nothing once in a while, and I sleep a lot, which helps me through it all. 


What does underwear mean to you? 

Support and love. Comfort is the most important for me. I love to be naked, and I am naked most of the time so if I wear anything, it needs to feel just as good! 


What associations to you get when thinking of lingerie?

Lingerie has been sexualized by men for the longest. I love using it for seduction too, but I think lingerie has been taken back to be by women for women and I love that recent change in the market! How can old men decide what we want to wear and feel good in? 


Who are some of the activists/entrepreneurs you are inspired by?

I love people that have strong opinions and are not afraid to talk while respecting others' opinions and views. I don’t like people that are plastering their knowledge in people’s faces and I love kind people. There aren't that many people that check all my boxes, but there are a few out there - they’re all types of people, ordinary heroes and friends. 




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